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TRAINING | Training Method

Our training method is based on science, experience and communication.

We help the athletes make the most of the time they have available for training, trying to make them understand why and for what they are training and how this will help them improve.

If the appropriate work is done, for the appropriate reasons, the results will come by themselves.

If the Athlete understands and enjoys the process, the possibilities of achieving your goals increases exponentially.

Our training plans are completely personalized and adapt to the athletes needs, their work, family situations and all they might need.

How do we work?

  • Initial Questionnaire.
  • Goal planning.
  • Set Training Zones.
  • Training control and athlete’s feedback.
  • Performance Tests.
  • Training and Race Analysis.
  • Training Monitoring thanks to a CONSTANT COMMUNICATION.

Improve your Performance,

Achieve your goals

  & make your dreams come true.


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